These services are intended to respond to a series of different questions, including:

Which Capital Allocation maximizes Enterprise value the most?
Is the Industrial Plan set by management consistent with 
share- implied expectations?
How can I define Development Objectives regardless of the 
Budget/Plan set by management?
Which dividend policy is consistent with the purpose of optimizing financial risk and maximizing enterprise value?
How can I tailor the Bonus for the management according to the level of challenge implied in the Goals?

Director Compensation

Director Compensation

Directors are no longer simply advisors, nor are they just compliance officers.
They are resources of the firm and shepherds of shareholder concern.

Today’s demanding governance environment presents them with unique challenges – challenges that require independent, credible and thorough compensation counsel.

Since its founding, Active Value Advisors has acted as trusted advisor to Compensation Committees, providing them with expert guidance and assistance in the execution of their responsibilities – helping them work in the best interests of the organizations they serve, the executives and employees they reward and the shareholders they represent.

Our services

Director pay

  • Board compensation
  • Committee compensation
  • Board and Committee Chair compensation
  • Director equity programs
  • Equity ownership opportunities and requirements

Compensation governance

  • Disclosure preparation
  • Committee Charters
  • Committee policies and procedures
  • Compliance assistance

Executive Compensation

Our Professionals have been acting for more than 20 years as independent, outside counsel to Compensation Committees and their senior management.

We are specialized in developing comprehensive compensation programs tailored to the unique needs of our client.

Our goal is help you aligning total rewards with business strategy to deliver maximum return on compensation investment.

As long-time pioneers in transforming executive compensation into a performance-driven tool for increasing shareholder and economic value, our services include:

Compensation philosophy and guiding principles
Plan documentation and disclosure requirements
Peer group selection and competitive analysis
Short and long-term incentive plan design, both cash and equity-based
Performance measurement selection and calibration
Executive benefits and perquisites, including non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements
Employment contracts, severance agreements and change-in-control arrangements
“Special situation” programs, including retention plans and carried interest plans, etc.

Our Researches & Papers for Boards of Directors.