Active Value Advisors.

Active Value Advisors is an independent, privately-owned managerial consulting firm providing businesses all over the world with advice and solutions. We combine specialist expertise with a global perspective to help our clients develop, implement and manage best-in-class managerial frameworks.

Our methods and data driven approach allow us to partner with our clients to create knowledge and a sustainable impact that become assets for our clients.

Our mission

Active Value Advisors is a well-established firm in the management consultancy industry.Our mission is to assist Boards and the Top Management in defining the conditions to create sustainable value according to 3 main views: the Shareholders, the Customers, the Employees.

Why choose Active Value Advisors? Our clients appreciate us not only for our skills and expertise but for the way we apply these qualities to our job.

We are highly specialized in all the services we provide and the enthusiasm we put into each individual project is just one aspect of our commitment to quality.Skilled professionals, who contribute with their own ideas and the experience resulting from ongoing in-house resource, represent a key resource for managers who want to face proactively the challenges and opportunities offered by the market.

Our approach

Companies own a lot of data and information. These are typically provided (and hopefully fully used) mostly at functional level. We observed that in the majority of the companies, the Top Management fails to use all the data and knowledge provided by the people and structures in the company. This is because the information facilitating the decisional process is not properly collected and organized.

Solutions that create value need to be crosswise to match the needs of Customers, Employees and Shareholders, and need to be easily handled by the Top Managers within a coherent managerial framework.

Active Value Advisors is a management consulting firm that manufactures a “tailor-made textile” designed on Top Management needs by using data and analytics in a different and integrated manner. We use our core functional competencies to make the fabric warp, and our up-to-date Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics tools to make the weft.

This unique approach blending know-how with quick implementations, make the economic returns of our interventions faster and higher.

Our positioning

We represent a disruptive innovation in the consulting industry as our tool-based methodologies challenge the way “traditional consultants” spend time in collecting data and information. “Traditional outputs” are not useful if not promptly implementable.

Our key people